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Only organizations that meet the criteria may be approved to hold an event at one of Kriser’s locations. Approval of partnerships and events is made at the sole discretion of Kriser’s.

Please note: This is not a forum to request donations or sponsorships.

All Organizations

  • Event must be pet-related.
  • Organizations must adhere to Kriser’s Code of Conduct.
  • Organizations cannot sell competing products (such as pet food and leashes). If the organization does conduct sales (calendars, t-shirts, etc.), they will be solely responsible for the entire financial transaction.
  • Organization must operate in our area(s) of business.
  • Organization must provide adequate staffing/volunteers for the event. Kriser’s team members will not be available to assist with event.
  • If organization is providing health services beyond nail trims, it is properly trained and certified to provide said services.
  • Health services, if approved, provided for pets only, not people.
  • All animals must be current on vaccinations. Parties responsible for a biting/scratching animal must submit proof that the animal was up-to-date on vaccinations at the time of the incident.
  • No alcohol on premises.
  • If organization wants to collect donations/fundraise, Kriser’s must have an up-to-date 501(c)3 on file.


  • There is no charge to organizations to hold events.
  • If non-501(c)3 organizations charge a fee to event participants, organization must donate 15% to a non-profit animal-related charity.

Deadlines for Event Request Submission*:

Request must be received by: For events held:
November 1 January 15 to April 20
February 1 April 15 to July 20
May 1 July 15 to October 20
August 1 October 15 to January 20

*These dates have been established in order to allow for time to properly promote and ensure a successful event. Submission requests will be considered after these deadlines, however they will not be included in Kriser’s promotional and marketing materials. Accepting event submissions after marketing deadlines will be determined by each Kriser’s store manager.

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