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Imagine a grooming experience that’s actually relaxing for you and your dog. Let us handle everything, from haircuts to nails trims.

Everything in your house smells like your dog.
So make sure your dog smells great.

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His fave scent is freshly spread garden compost, but after your dog's done rolling around it's time to call our groomers. Our team is trained in proper washing, cutting and brushing and we use the healthiest products for your pet's coat and skin. We also de-shed to prevent painful matting and our painless manicures prevent foot injuries from overgrown nails. Some of our bravest souls even take on cat grooming (not an easy task). Plus, did we mention pet facials?

Life in the dog house ain't what it used to be. A Great Dane takes longer than a Chihuahua, so your cost may vary. Contact your local store to get a quote or book an appointment.

The Head to Tail Experience

Includes a haircut/shave, 2-step conditioning bath, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim and gland expression (you're welcome).

Add-on special services like:

  • Shed-less de-shedding treatments
  • Spa-inspired facials for deep cleaning and aromatherapy
  • Breed-specific hair cuts
  • Special handling for special needs pets
  • Cat grooming (at select locations)
  • Walk-in service including nail trims, nail grinding and more (subject to availability)
  • Teeth brushing
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