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Imagine a grooming experience that’s actually relaxing for you and your dog. Let us handle everything, from haircuts to nails trims.

Everything in your house smells like your dog.
So make sure your dog smells great.

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His fave scent is freshly spread garden compost, but after your dog's done rolling around it's time to call our groomers. Our team is trained in proper washing, cutting and brushing as well as special services like de-matting painful tangles and mani-pawdies to prevent foot injuries from overgrown nails. Plus, did we mention pet facials? Life in the dog house ain't what it used to be.

The "Who's This?" Full Groom

It's grooming so good you may not recognize them. We include a haircut/shave, 2-step conditioning bath, brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim and gland expression (you're welcome).

What About Cat Grooming?

It’s not for the faint of heart, but luckily some of our groomers are pretty brave. To check availability, just call your local store.

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We've added convenient walk-in services, premium upgrades and awesome package deals. Remember, a great dane takes a little longer than a chihuahua, so your cost and length of appointment may vary. Find a groomer and book an appointment.

Enjoy $10 off your first groom.

Enjoy $5 off your next groom when you rebook your appointment within 6 weeks.

Click here to see our vaccination requirements prior to beginning this service.

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Your dog isn't always an angel.
But at least it can look like one.

Dogs want to be good, they really, really do. Yet the mud puddle outside still calls to them, not to mention that intriguing garbage can full of goodies. That's why we created a product line that lets them give in to the dirt-covered devil on their shoulder but still smell heavenly on your couch. Unlike most dog shampoos, Wildsaint products use ingredients you'll actually recognize that are all-natural, USDA certified organic and USA sourced.