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No one knows more about pet food, except maybe pets. As the Pet Foodies, we’ve read up on every ingredient, studied every label, and yes, even tasted things from time to time. And we do it all to help you find the best diet for your dog or cat’s unique needs.

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We love talking to customers in person, but we know some questions can’t wait. That’s why we make sure you always have the info you need at your fingertips.


Now it’s time to give your pet the best diet possible.


*Estimated hours based on employee self-reported time. Training includes product reviews, video tutorials, ingredient studies, manufacturer demonstrations, pet industry expos, test kitchens, conferences, research and more.


Berta foodie

4.5 years

2 cats (Argo & Ruthless) plus a gecko named Roxie.

Goat milk. Great for gut health, natural probiotics, excellent nutrient boost and can aid with hydration. It can even help wean kittens and puppies and help overweight pets stay fuller. One of my cats loves it frozen into cubes.

Wild Meadow Farms. Only three ingredients, all-natural. Great for dogs and cats. Minis are perfect for training. Bites are great for senior dogs who like jerky but need something softer.

A customer’s cat was having litterbox issues. Partly it was the stress of a new cat in the household, so I recommended the Feliway pheromone diffuser. It’s made a big difference for my own cats and keeps them much calmer. She came back later to say it really helped.

The Honest Kitchen Grain-in Turkey for the main course, with some Grandma Lucy Crunchy Blueberry Treats for dessert.


Eric foodie

9 years

6 birds (Copernicus, Ringo, Blythe, Burt, Yoshi, Delila), 2 cats (Lestat and Lilith), and yes, even a python (Oscar).

Most cats are consistently dehydrated. Canned food and raw for moisture are my go-to recommendations.

UTI supplements to regulate urinary function. Silica-based cat litter for a much cleaner environment that limits bacteria growth — especially important for senior cats who often get UTI’s from their litterbox.

Only proteins they could catch in nature, like small animals and fowl. Rabbit is a good choice. I’d pair it with a fish broth or fish oil for omega 3 fatty acids for a more balanced diet.

Bixbi Rawwble freeze-dried Food is 97-98% meat — highly motivating. Plus, it’s freeze-dried so it has a really strong, appealing aroma.

Stella & Chewy’s Magical Dinner Dust is a genius idea.

I was training a coworker who had a friend with a diabetic cat. My coworker gave the friend’s cat new food to try and thanks to the new diet, the cat eventually no longer needed its insulin medication.


Amber foodie

3 years

Kuma (cattle dog ), Arwyn (Meyers Parrot), and Cosmo (Russian tortoise).

That dogs and cats can be vegans. Dogs are omnivores and cats are obligate carnivores, but both need animal protein to thrive.

Probiotics and fish oils are wonders. Pet parents are pleasantly surprised how much they change overall health. I give them to my dog every day. You can tell a lot about your dog’s health by their poop and my dog has great poop.

Any raw is better than none. I recommend a raw food topper, or goat milk/kefir milk for a raw hydrator.

Bad dental health can take years off a pet’s life, and it’s so easy to improve it. Try a dental chew or sprinkle Plaque Off on their food.

Red meat for protein. Less likely to cause an allergic reaction than chicken. Stella & Chewy’s bone broth for a hydrator. You don’t have to thaw it out like frozen bone broth.

Grandma Lucy’s blueberry dog treats. They’re so good I don’t actually need a zombie apocalypse to consider eating them.


Robert foodie

7 years

A 20-year old (20!!!!!) Siamese mix cat.

Zignature, because it has limited ingredients, single protein and no potato or chicken. It helps in the transition.

Healthier skin and coat, better dental health, fewer vet visits, smaller poops and a healthier gut? Heck yeah! Add even a little and you’ll immediately see benefits. A little is better than none.

Probiotics by far. They help your pet absorb all the nutrition from the great food you’re feeding. A healthy gut means a healthy pet. Not to mention fewer farts!

Lamb provides the perfect amount of dietary fats and it’s great for allergy-prone dogs. It pairs great with turkey broth.

A Frenchie with giardia whose vet had given up. Tried RX diet, tried antibiotics. I recommended a probiotic to clean the gut up and make a healthy bowel, along with Rawz Lamb and Liver. A week later, the customer came in to tell me I changed her dog’s life.

Without a doubt, I’m going for that Weruva Paw Lickin’ Chicken. I mean, have you tasted it?


Amelia foodie

6 years. In addition to being a Foodie, I’ve worked as a trainer too.

4 dogs (2 boxers, Australian cattle dog, a teacup Yorkie), plus a black cat.

My boxers had painful allergy issues. I was told they needed a lifetime of harsh medication, but instead I switched them to a raw diet. The benefits went far past ending the allergies. Vibrant energy, clean teeth, proper digestion, smooth and scentless coats. I’m also terribly allergic to cats, but by feeding mine a partial raw diet, I can cuddle her without symptoms.

Lamb is easily digestible and rarely causes allergic reaction. Also, rotating proteins is important to avoid deficiencies.

Miniature breeds are predisposed to dental and joint issues. Early on, I gave my Yorkie supplements for both (and brushed her teeth regularly). People often guess she’s much younger.

Lamb provides the perfect amount of dietary fats and it’s great for allergy-prone dogs. It pairs great with turkey broth.

Probiotics. My once gassy boxers no longer plague the house with stink!

Freeze-died treats melt in the mouth, so the session isn’t disrupted by crunching. They’re also extremely tasty, easy to break up and healthy.

ZiwiPeak. But the Preppy Puppy cookies look and smell mighty fine too.


Kim foodie

1.5 years

3 tabby cats (Smee, Rabbit, FDR) and a long-haired cat named Coconut.

Rotating canned, raw, and freeze-dried with a high-protein kibble, plus salmon oil and digestive supplements. It helped my cats lose weight, have more energy, plus improved their skin and coat.

Digestive enzymes to fully break down their food and extract all the vitamins and minerals, especially for kibble (pets lack the enzyme for those starches).

Omega-3. Kibble is high in omega-6 and, if not balanced with omega-3, can lead to skin and joint inflammation. Also supports vision and brain function.

Raw. It’s easiest for them to digest and can prevent allergies.

A customer’s kitten had ongoing diarrhea and gas. I recommended digestive enzymes and weeks later all the problems had disappeared.

The Honest Kitchen freeze-dried. Human-grade and as close as you can get to home-cooked but also shelf-stable. Mix it with water or bone broth and it’s ready!


Michael foodie

8.5 years

A white pug named Stanley.

Primal freeze-dried and Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried. They’re each amazing as a full diet or as a topper to build a bowl.

I transitioned Stanley from kibble to a full raw diet 3 years ago. As the proportion of raw increased, the healthier he became. No more tear stains. Better breath. More energy. I’m a 1000% yes on raw feeding.

Pumpkin. Easy temporary fix to digestive issues, rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A and C. Pet's usually love it!

ZiwiPeak food as treats. Universal crowd pleaser!

One customer’s cat just wouldn’t eat, not even the diets their vet suggested. I recommended Primal raw frozen cat food. It worked so well, the customer made me a cake shaped like her cat.

The Honest Kitchen. It looks a lot like human food. One customer actually ate it with her dog while hiking the Appalachian Trail!


Ashley foodie

10 years

3 cats— Paisley, Delphine, and Smudge.

I rescued a senior Lhasa Apso, Zoe, with a year to live. After slowly introducing supplements, superfoods and a raw diet, she became a completely different dog and lived 5 more years.

I’ve seen what it can do. Healthier coat, less shedding, smaller (less smelly) poops, better dental health, healthier weight, and overall improved wellness.

Cooling proteins, like rabbit and duck, don’t require a lot of energy to break down. This prevents overheating at the skin level for dogs with hot spots. Add Primal pork broth for extra moisture.

Primal Super Green Smoothie Edible Elixir is good for the immune system, gut health, and supports the kidneys and liver.

Herbsmith Microflora for gut and digestive health. A high amount of cultures makes it more effective.

Preppy Puppy Bakery treats. The peanut butter squares are my favorite.


brad foodie

21 years. I was introduced to natural pet food in 1998, and immediately saw the difference in my pets. It’s been my passion ever since.

3 dogs (Bella, Bailey, and Bodhi), 2 cats (Stella and Saki) and 10 turtles living in the pond.

Because it’s only frozen (rather than processed), raw food retains the highest level of nutrient availability so our pets get what they need and deserve.

I always strive to get some kind of raw into a pet’s diet, whether as a base or a topper. Rotation between different proteins is very important. I also recommend rotating different kinds of broth to add more nutrients and flavor.

Probiotics and digestive enzymes are my #1 choice because every pet can benefit from them. They help with digestion, nutrient absorption, and immune support.

Freeze-dried meat treats. They’re enticing, great for training, and work well in treat dispensing toys.

Tank was on death’s door, having trouble eating and moving around. I immediately had his owner switch to raw food and work in supplements for mobility and immunity support, plus CBD for pain and inflammation. With these changes, Tank was more like his old self and even felt good again. Proper diet and nutrition can’t cure cancer, but they can definitely slow it down and help your pet’s body function.

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