“OUR GROOMERS treat your pets like their own. Because for a few hours, they are.”
– Brad Kriser


Grooming is a vital part of our pets overall health and wellness. It is important to have a pet professionally groomed on a regular basis. A groomer will keep your pet’s coat healthy with proper washing, brushing and de-shedding, keeping your furbaby clear of the possibility of painful matting. Additionally, they provide proper ear cleaning and trim your pets nails, which if not done can be painful and cause walking issues. Lastly, they make your pet look and smell great—who doesn’t love a faceful of that.


  • blueberry facials
  • teeth brushing
  • special breed cuts
  • cat grooming (at select locations)
  • straight-thru appointments for special needs dogs
  • walk-in nail trims

Pricing varies by breed and specific grooming requests.

Please give us a call to get a quote, book an appointment, or learn more!