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water toys

This collection is of the floating toys we think would be great for playing in the water with your favorite dog or puppy.

Vip Tuffy'S Sea Gator Gary Toy for Dogs
Tuffy'S Ultra Ring Blue Toy for Dogs
Tuffy'S Barnyard Polly Pig Toy for Dogs
Tuffy's Neelmo the Eel
Tuffy's Lil' Oscar the Small Octopus
Tuffy's Polly The Pig JR Toy for Dogs
Tuffy's Leaping Frog Toy for Dogs
Vip Tuffy'S Green Alien Toy for Dogs
Tuffy'S Ultimate Tug-O-War Pink Leopard Toy for Dogs
Tuffy'S Jerry The Pony
Tuffy's Starfish - The General
Tuffy's Larry Lobster
Tuffy's Rutabaga The Rabit JR Toy for Dogs
Vip Tuffy'S Tug-O-War Camo Toy for Dogs
Vip Tuffy'S Barnyard Rabbit Brown Toy for Dogs
Tuffy'S King Crab Toy for Dogs