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June 2021 Promo

It’s time to harness all their extra energy.

Some dogs have enough pep to power an entire city and can’t help dragging you along for the ride. But if walks are turning into a non-stop tug-of-war, it can be pretty rough on their neck. You need an option that will give you control without letting them walk all over you, like a harness.

There are two types. The first has a leash clip on its back to equalize the pressure when your dog tugs, rather than having it be focused on the delicate parts of their throat. The second type is a no-pull harness, which has a clip on the front of their chest. When they pull, the harness itself will move to put a stop to it, but without any pain for your dog.

Like collars, a harness needs to fit properly to prevent any escape acts, so feel free to ask us for help. And speaking of escape acts, most cat collars are breakaways that come apart when pressure is added. If you’re taking your feline friend out on a leash, be sure to add a harness into the mix.

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