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Based out of New Zealand, ZiwiPeak crafts specialty foods for your dogs and cats, and they do it with careful consideration using quality ingredients. Built on sustainability and ethically responsible methods, Ziwi’s dog and cat food is sourced locally and made up of proteins and vegetables that are fresh and hormone free. Delivered in carefully considered proportions, Ziwi’s pet food is made up of 96% portions of meat, seafood, organs, and bone broth. Ziwi’s discovery of healthy pet food came out of a passion and love for our fourlegged friends. By using their unique air dry method, you can be ensured your dog or cat food is kept in the freshest condition and will not lose its nutritional value. With Ziwi’s special formulas, you will find a match for your dog or cat’s needs, whether it is weight management or just overall health, they have the fit you are looking for.