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Roosevelt makes high-quality, protein-rich food, treats and chews for both dogs and cats. Every product is developed by a team of pet health experts and uses only the best ingredients, with strict standards and controls. 


A variety of different natural ingredients, featuring a sliced piece of salmon, chia seeds, eggs, and almonds


Roosevelt food, treats and chews are made with only all-natural, whole ingredients (the good stuff) and no by-products and artificial anythings (the bad stuff).

a jack russel terrier eating kibble out of a orange bowl

Rotational Feeding

Unique proteins and consistent base ingredients allow for rotating flavors without upsetting their tummies. This helps prevent food allergies, dietary deficiencies and imbalances.

A large tan dog with funny floppy ears with a smaller elderly puggle next to him

Specific Recipes

Roosevelt has everything you need from age and weight formulas to grain-in or grain-free. When your pet has specific dietary requirements, there's a Roosevelt formula for them.



Roosevelt creates chews that are good for pets and the planet. All chews are made with recyclable, plastic neutral-packaging. And carbon emissions are offset from transport. 


Grain-In Adult Dog Food

  • Three grain-inclusive recipes for all adult dogs, plus one specifically for large breeds. Grain-inclusive kibble is made with high-quality protein, healthy carbs and antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies.

Grain-Free Adult Dog Food

Three grain-free adult kibble recipes made with high-quality chicken, fish or beef as the first ingredient. Secondary bases include lentils and chickpeas with powerful antioxidants like blueberries and cranberries.


5 different colored bags of Roosevelt training treats

Soft and Chewy Dog Treats

  • Roosevelt treats are low-calorie, high quality and free of artificial ingredients and are perfect for motivating, snacking and rewarding.


Braided Bully Sticks

  • Great source of digestible protein and collagen. Braided bully sticks give your dog a task and alleviates boredom. And because they’re braided, they tend to be tougher and last longer.

Odor-Free Bully Sticks

Recommended for all dogs under 40 pounds. Awesome for puppies as they help prevent destructive chewing habits. Long lasting for smaller dogs, moderate for the biguns. Bonus – they don’t smell while chewing.


Dense, tough and durable. A good choice for a longer-lasting chew. Low in fat and rich in collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate and elastin. Great for dogs on weight management or with sensitive tummies.

a few Tremenda dog chews from Roosevelt laying in a pile


Softer chews sourced from free-range South American cattle. Have a slight odor but are very palatable which makes them great for picky dogs, little pups and old-timers. 

A remenda disc that is a dog chew

Tremenda Discs

  • For dogs that tend to chow down whole treats all at once. The tremenda is stretched into a disc, making it difficult to swallow and longer lasting to chew.


Tremenda Toughs

  • Single ingredient chews, minimally processed and perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs, allergies or on a raw diet. Durable chews for dogs under 25 lbs and moderate for dogs larger than that.

Collagen Chews

Help stimulate appetite and digestion, hair growth, strengthen nails and aid in dental hygiene. 100% beef, high in protein and have less fat than traditional rawhide. Try a braided chew for something a bit tougher.

Stuffed Bones

Natural beef bones that are filled and baked. Super tough chews that provide long-lasting relief from boredom and stress. They're great for excited chewers. Plus, they help support dental hygiene.

Braided Gullets

  • Softer chews, similar to firm jerky, made from free-range and grass-fed beef and lamb. Good for picky dogs. Rich in protein and easy to digest.


a pile of tendons without a large amount of packaging to reduce plastic use


For every pound of plastic produced to package chews, Roosevelt partners with rePurpose Global to remove an equivalent amount from the environment. 

someone delivering packages to someone else with carbon neutral transport


All CO2 emissions produced while transporting Roosevelt chews to stores are offset through a carbon emissions reduction project. 

A green image of grass cut in a recycling logo


Roosevelt chew tags are recyclable through the TagBack program. You can drop them off to be recycled at participating retailers nationwide. 


Good food comes from good places. That’s why Roosevelt dog and cat food is made in a little spot in Minnesota, so we can take full advantage of all the fresh fruits and veggies nearby farms have to offer. We also source our meat from some of the most beautiful, natural places in the U.S. – like the mountain streams of Oregon and the pastures of Colorado. 

A map of the USA in red with where the food sourcing is from


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"The Big Ron's BBQ kibble is apparently a "must-have" from my pups' point of view. These are the first two dogs we've had who are not especially food driven, and rather than eat just anything they prefer to wait to eat until it's Big Ron's or at the minimum has Big Ron's mixed in!

I had tried a lot of different brands and am glad we found Big Ron's, since we like the focus on natural and healthy."

Cynthia D.
January 31, 2022

"I've fed my dog Roosevelt for years now. It's been great to her and my dog loves it! For the ingredients you get, it is a great price!"

Gloria C.
November 14, 2021
  • "I always feel good about feeding my dog food from a company that studies & cares about ingredients as well as manufactures in the US. This food also has a very affordable cost & has cute packaging (hahah) which I care about, & my dog just cares that it’s yummy...After transitioning slowly he seems to really like it. He is smaller, less than 20 lbs, so I was concerned that the kibbles might be too big but he likes it just fine :) "
Cherryl D.
April 21, 2021
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