Their Nutrition is Our Responsibility. We Decide. 

It all started with Max. A Labrador who loved hiking, a solid game of fetch and spending time with his best friend, Nulo founder Michael Landa.

As a former athlete, Michael is always up for a challenge. When he couldn’t find the right dog sitter for Max, Michael left his corporate job and decided to start his own pet care business. In the process, he discovered an alarming trend: an increase in overweight pets and in the administration of at-home insulin shots for diabetic cats and dogs. So he investigated further. What he learned was surprising!

Pet foods were filled with empty calories.

Empty calories that came from filler ingredients like carbohydrates. In fact, Michael found that most major brands contained more than 40% carb fillers and that, in food designed for carnivores, meat protein was often “supported” by high levels of plant-based proteins. That wouldn’t do for Max — or any other pet for that matter.

So Michael founded Nulo. With the help of leading animal nutritionists, veterinarians and food formulators, he created recipes made with great sources of animal-based proteins that were lower in carbs and that used low-glycemic ingredients to promote healthy body condition and stable energy. All thoughtfully sourced and approved by Nulo’s chief tasting officer, Max.

Today, Nulo’s going strong in Austin, Texas.

We’ve expanded our line to include dozens of recipes, continuing to challenge ourselves — and our tribe of pet parents — to nourish the healthiest and happiest pets around. After all, they’re why we do what we do: we bring out the best in them, and they bring out the best in us. We think Max and all Nulo pets would agree.