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At Kriser's, we're changing how people care for their pets.

Each of our Pack Members share the company mission of helping pets live happier, healthier lives, naturally. Through training they are knowledge experts when it comes to pet nutrition and pet grooming. They easily connect with our customers – who can be furry and not-so-furry – and individually help to shape our culture.

If you love helping people and pets, then Kriser's may be your next home!


"Working for Kriser’s was the best career decision I ever made. My customers and co-workers are like family." - Groomer from Kildeer, IL

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“I love waking up and going to work knowing that I can positively impact a pet's health. Each day feels complete when I help a pet parent make healthier choices for their pets.” - Pack Leader in Austin, TX

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"I feel a part of a living, breathing culture. But also, my coworkers are awesome! If I were on a game show, I'd want these folks on my team. And we'd 100% take home the gold." - Pack Educator in Santa Monica, CA

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