When Pet Loving Families Unite

Brad Kriser, Founder and CEO of Kriser's Natural PetA Message from our Founder, Brad Kriser

Today is an exciting day in the history of two like-minded, pet-loving, companies as we announce that they will be coming together as one.

Wylie Wagg, a natural pet retailer based in Washington DC & Northern Virginia area, will be joining the Kriser’s Natural Pet family officially on November 1st.

Ten years ago, we created a company that provides an outstanding customer experience, carefully selected products, and a true passion for pets. The founders of Wylie Wagg, Laura and Larry Clark, did much the same with their own stores over the last decade, and I have tremendous respect for how Wylie Wagg has established itself as part of their local pet community.  Their dedicated employee family has helped thousands of pets parents through education, a great in-store experience, and by supporting local rescue organizations’ needs. 

Wylie Wagg store frontI am personally honored that Laura and Larry have entrusted us to carry forward their business to help even more pets live happier, healthier lives, naturally.  These five locations will be Kriser’s first venture into the East Coast, and specifically the mid-Atlantic region, joining our other stores in Illinois, Texas, Southern California and Colorado. Over the next few months these locations will transition into Kriser’s stores, with new signage and some changes to product selection. We’re confident that the existing customers will continue to get the great service they are accustomed to, from the same faces, now part of the Kriser’s Pack.

Everyone at Kriser’s is filled with joy and excitement to continue making a real difference in the lives of pets and their people. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at bradkriser@krisers.com

All my best,
Brad Kriser
Founder and CEO
Kriser’s Natural Pet

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