The highest quality ingredients, ethically sourced. Total transparency from farm to table. These are just a few of the reasons why we love Open Farm, a company that makes premium diets that are thoughtfully designed to help your pets thrive.

Open Farm dog food

About Open Farm

Open Farm is a family-run business based out of Toronto. They offer grain-free recipes that feature a limited set of premium proteins, fruits and veggies. Each ingredient is raised naturally, responsibly, and humanely. You want to feed your furbabies the best – that’s why Open Farm only sources the best ingredients. Everything is grown and raised by farmers who share their commitment to quality and sustainability. What an idea… making a better pet food while doing good for family farms, farm animals, and the environment!

Here are a few of the fine points on how Open Farm’s sources their ingredients:

  • Open Farm only uses human grade meats raised naturally on a vegetarian diet without antibiotics or growth hormones
  • Recipes showcase high levels of fresh meat (no synthetic or processed vegetable protein substitutes)
  • Fish is always ocean caught, never farmed
  • Fish is seasonally sourced from Seafood Watch and Ocean Wise approved fisheries
  • Open Farm only sources from third-party verified family farms that employ humane farming practices

But what does it take to evaluate farmers who are prioritizing the welfare of the animals under their care? 

  • Use of cages, crates and tie stalls is forbidden
  • Ample space for animals to be comfortable and roam freely
  • Enrichments to help animals better engage with each other and their environment
  • A clean resting space with proper bedding and air quality
  • Standards for outdoor and indoor systems to ensure proper care in all climatic environments

Dog eating Open Farm food

Commitment to Transparency

Let’s talk about Open Farm’s commitment to being transparent. With its traceability feature, all you have to do is go onto the Open Farm website, enter the Lot Number on your bag of kibble, and you will see exactly what’s in your pet’s kibble. You can easily find where it came from, down to the state or province where it was sourced. Open Farm understands that pet parents want to know what they feed their dog, right down to the smallest ingredient.

This is a two-tiered concept for Open Farm. Knowing every nuance about your pet’s food not only helps to create a trusting relationship between you and Open Farm, but it also allows for pet parents to stay away from ingredients that they can’t or don’t want to feed their pooches. For example, an environmentally friendly consumer may want to feed their dog products that are grown close to home to support their community. Or, if your dog is allergic to seafood, you’d want to be sure that your dog’s food didn’t come in contact with any fish or shellfish or any kind. With Open Farm’s traceability feature, you can be 100% confident in each ingredient you are feeding your pets.

Open Farm offers a range of dry and wet pet food, freeze dry raw dog food, dog treats and kefir.

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By: Amy Tokic