Oh, The Honest Kitchen, how do we love thee. Let us count the ways… well, there are many, so we’ll just stick to seven.

So what makes The Honest Kitchen different than the rest? When it comes to food, this company is honest about what goes into theirs. And we think that the more you know about The Honest Kitchen, the more you’ll grow to love them! So here are the top seven reasons why we love The Honest Kitchen (and you’ll love them, too!). 


  1. Super healthy, made with the best simple ingredients: The Honest Kitchen says “yes” to the best ingredients, which also happen to be super simple (and super healthy). Pumpkin, eggs, chicken, parsley, apples, celery—these are the kind of ingredients you’ll find in The Honest Kitchen’s recipes. What you won’t find are by-products, fillers, corn, wheat, soy, additives or preservatives, ingredients from China or GMO ingredients.
  2. The Honest Kitchen is 100% human-grade from start to finish (and is the only pet food company on the market who can say this!): This company invented the highest standard for food safety and quality. And they meet strict human grade food safety regulations because they believe in using higher quality ingredients. Their ingredients are subject to about 100 manufacturing and quality control regulations. So you’d better believe you won’t find any by-products on their ingredient lists!
  3. Food is dehydrated—meaning it retains optimal nutritional value: You’ll be able to see the difference dehydration makes… the true colors and smells of The Honest Kitchen’s recipes are evident as soon as you open the package. Your pet will love the test because the dehydration process retains important nutrients, including vitamins and minerals. As well, these dehydrated ingredients are finely ground, so they’re easier on your furry friend’s digestion.
  4. Never any GMOs or preservatives: When you add as much good stuff as The Honest Kitchen, there’s no room for things like GMO ingredients or preservatives. That’s because what they leave out of the mix is as important as what they put in.
  5. They can be used as a full meal, a mix-in, or as a topper to any diet: Feel free to mix it up anyway your dog likes, whether it’s for a complete dinner or as a kibble topper. Plus, you can use them in many of your favorite dog treat and food recipes. Want to try your hand at making something homemade for your pooch? Check out The Honest Kitchen’s DIY blog for fantastic recipes that include their products that’ll make your dog’s mouth water. This just goes to show you that when it comes to your dog’s diet, you have it all covered with The Honest Kitchen!
  6. They’re a perfect option when traveling with pets: You can always pack light when you’re feed The Honest Kitchen. Thanks to its dehydration process, a small 10-lb box makes up to 40 lbs of food. Just add water for an amazing meal, no matter where you are.
  7. Goat’s Milk is an amazing nutritional and digestive boost: Great for dogs and cats of all ages, The Honest Kitchen’s supplement Pro Bloom is made from highly-digestible dehydrated goat’s milk plus 5 billion active probiotics and digestive enzymes to help support digestion, immune systems, and wellbeing. Available in powder, just sprinkle it over kibble, use it in water to hydrate Honest Kitchen food, or serve it in a bowl of water for a tasty drink to lap at.

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By: Amy Tokic