Camping with Your Dog - Tips from Ruffwear

Summer is here and is the perfect time for road trips, camping, backcountry adventures, and fun with our furry friends. In the spirit of getting outside to explore, hitting the road for new destinations, and sleeping out under the stars, we’ve compiled a travel checklist for our four-legged adventure companions to guarantee nothing is left behind!

Ruffwear Harness available at Kriser's

Packing for Your Dog

For an overnight or weekend trip, you’ll want to gather all of your dog’s essentials, plus a few things to help make him comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Here’s our packing checklist to make sure you have all the necessities for a quick getaway:

  • Medical Records - In case of an emergency, it’s always a good idea to have your pet’s medical records with you. However, toting that entire file around would be a pain. Instead, scan your pet’s important medical documents to a USB drive that’s easy to pack. The one document to also include in paper form is their proof of vaccinations.
  • Food and Bowls – Pack your dogs food and water bowls, and enough food for your trip, plus a day – just in case!
  • Ruffwear Load Up Harness available at Kriser'sMedications and Supplements – Bring along any medications and supplements for the length of your trip, plus a day or two. Crazy things happen, and if your stay gets unexpectedly extended, you don’t want it to turn into a medical emergency.
  • Adventure Gear – Having the right gear can make all the difference for you and your best friend. Ruffwear’s Front Range harness is perfect whether you’re hitting the trail or looking forward to some urban adventure. This harness is easy to put on, and comfortable for dogs to wear for quick trips or for extended amounts of time. It features two leash attachment points: an aluminum V-ring centered on the dog's back for everyday walks, and reinforced webbing at the dog's chest for additional control. The Just-a-Cinch leash is ideal for dogs who pull, roadside bathroom breaks, and spontaneous walks.  
  • Ruffwear Available at Kriser'sWaste Bags – A common reason dogs are banned from public areas is because an irresponsible owner didn’t clean up after their pets. It’s a problem that can easily be rectified, so we pack waste bags and grab an extra roll.
  • Treats – New places and grand adventures mean keeping your dog focused and cooperative might prove difficult. Treats are an easy way to keep their attention and maintain energy levels along the way.
  • Entertaining Toys – When it’s time to put your feet up and relax, you’ll want to have your dog’s favorite toy to keep him entertained…for both of your benefit!  
  • Safety First – Keep your precious cargo safe with the Ruffwear Load Up™ Harness, an automotive canine travel harness designed for transporting your furry companion safety and comfortably from one adventure to the next. This rigorously tested** harness attaches to seatbelts for a universal fit in different types of vehicle and keeps dogs secure so drivers can focus. The Load Up Harness can be worn comfortably all day in the car and during rest stops and bathroom breaks. 
  • Bedding – Some dogs will want to sleep in their own bed, others prefer to curl up on the sofa, or hop in bed with you. Depending on your dog’s desires, pack his bed or a sheet or blanket that you can use to cover any furniture where he might make himself at home. Ruffwear Travel Essentials available at Kriser's
  • Keep it clean! – If your adventures include dirt, mud, sand, and water (and we hope they do!), there’s no need to bring the remnants of your escapades home in the car. Ruffwear’s Dirtbag™ Seat Cover keeps the contents of your best adventures contained within a durable, waterproof cover. The seat cover attaches securely to you car’s seat in a traditional style or hammock configuration, and its no-slip fabric keeps your furry pal secure during the ride. Shake it out or toss it in the washing machine, and it will be ready for whatever’s next.
  • Cleaning Supplies – Beyond the car, it’s best to be prepared to clean up after dogs, post-adventure. Pack a roll of paper towels, wet wipes, and a small spray bottle of carpet cleaner to take care of any accidents.

The only thing that’s left to do now is gather your gear and hit the road! Come in to your nearest Kriser's location to pick up a new Ruffwear harness, Load Up Harness, lead or collar that will get you and your pet moving! 

 **Load-Up Harness tested at a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration contracted test facility, under the conditions outlined in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.