A Groomer's Top Three Picks

We sat down with Westley, one of our professional dog and cat groomers from our Valencia, CA store, to talk about some of his favorite products and why he loves his job! This is what he had to say - 

Westley Kriser's Groomer in Southern CaliforniaWhy do you love being a pet groomer?

My favorite thing about being a groomer is obviously working with dogs and being able to be around them all day.

But I would have to say that my absolute favorite thing about being a groomer is seeing the end results of the dogs I'm grooming - specifically getting to see them genuinely happy after I am done!

I also love getting to know all the dogs and owners  alike. Creating that bond and knowing that the owners are comfortable with me, and know their dog is safe and cared for in the 2-3 hours we have them is a wonderful feeling!

What are some of your favorite grooming items? 

The Chris Christensen Slicker Brush is by far one of my favorite grooming tools. This brush is great for any kind of hair but especially good for long hair and matted hair. The longer, more flexible bristles make it easier to really brush the dog and it makes it less painful for the dog because it doesn't pull at the skin like other brushes that have bristles that are more stiff.

Another one of my favorite items are thinnking shears.  Please do not do this at home - come in and let us do it for you! These are truly a magical pair of grooming equipment. Sometimes dogs move at the wrong point and too much hair is taken off and these shears come in handy in evening out and blending those "oops spot". They are also really great for giving a more natural look on a dog. The curved shears and straight shears give a sharp edge when cutting, but the thinning shears make a softer line when cutting.

Lastly the dremel is very nice for clipping dogs nails without getting to short and hurting him/her. You can also get them shorter than clipping with nail trimmers and it leaves a nice smooth, rounded nail. 

While we don't sell these items in store we do have quite a few that you can pick up for your at-home grooming pleasure! Give us a call if you want to schedule an appointment with one of our professional groomers, or come on in and speak with any one of our Pack Members about how to give your pup or kitty a spa treatment at home!