Pack Picks: Anne from Westlake Village

Anne started with Kriser’s with the opening of the Westlake Village, California store early in 2016 and recently became the Pack Leader there. She has been in the pet industry since 1997, so she knows what she nad her four dogs - Ava, Duck, Blu and Huckleberry - are talking about as they offer up their January Pack Picks:

1.  Our favorite foods are Fromm Salmon Tunalini and Stella & Chewy’s Raw Beef patties. Feeding exclusively raw with four dogs isn’t the easiest so I supplement by mixing the Fromm with the Stella & Chewy’s. Being a transplant from Wisconsin, I’ve personally met both families of these food makers and have learned much from them and trust my pets with their foods. Both foods come in many different protein sources allowing me to provide my pack with a great rotational diet.

2.  Earth Animal No Hide Chews, a rawhide alternative, save my furniture these days as Huckleberry, my young Cattle dog puppy is a teething piranha. Blu (1.5 year old Cattle dog), Duck (1.5 year old Jack Russell mix) and Huck chew on their No Hides nightly while my senior dog Ava (14 year old Cattle dog/Corgi mix) chews her Grey Muzzle Brushless Toothpaste by Ark Naturals. Young and old get something for their teeth!

3.  Lastly, Blu insists I mention the Large Mighty Ball from VIP toys. It’s a soft, fleece covered ball that squeaks. It has no stuffing, the fleece prevents it from feeling too slobbery, she can still get it in her mouth…BUT it is too big to roll under the couch or the freezers at work! It’s a win all around!

 Anne Pack Picks