Noseworthy: Boost Your Pet's Overall Well-Being with These Supplements

We all make New Year’s Resolutions to be happier and healthier, so why not start the New Year off right for your pet too?  We compiled a list of some of our favorite pet mulit-vitamins, immunity supplements and antioxidants that go a very long way in helping to boost your pet’s overall wellbeing.

Dr. Harvey’s

Dr. Harvey's E-Mune Boost at Kriser'sDr. Harvey's has three great products.  The first is E-Mune Boost which is designed to help heal and build the immune system.  It’s an excellent option if your pet is sick (or was recently), if he or she is recovering from surgery, chemo, or was recently pregnant. Antioxidant ingredients (including grape root, astragulus, and Echinacea) give your pet an added nutritional and immune system boost, while ingredients such as spirulina, dandelion, and milk thistle work hard to detox your pet’s liver and push out toxins that may have recently built up in his/her system.

Dr. Harvey Herbal Multi-Vitamin and Mineral is another great multi-vitamin booster for all pets and can be used regularly. It's a blend of nutrient-dense foods and herbs, is highly palatable and easy to mix in their food. For senior pets, we recommend Dr. Harvey’s Golden Years because it gives a little extra nourishment and revitalization.  All of their products are made and sourced in the US with zero ingredients from China.

Animal Essentials Detox Blend at Kriser'sAnimal Essentials

Animal Essentials Detox Blend is a combination of powerful and effective herbs, including red clover, milk thistle and organic Burdock root, that support healthy liver function and normal toxin elimination.

Looking to change diets because of a possible food allergy? It can take the body up to 3 months to completely detox from an allergen. Detox Blend can help cut the time it takes for the body to eliminate possible allergens in as little as half the time!

Kriser's Natural Pet | Select Wellness Products

Super Snouts Urinary Berry at Kriser'sSuper Snouts

Super Snouts Urinary Berry is super high in antioxidants because it uses just two ingredients – cranberries and wild blueberries! These berries naturally prevent infection in the bladder and urinary tract and also have anti-inflammatory properties to help fight through any current issues. But don't mistake this for just a UTI fix - antioxidants help fight cancer causing free radicals in the body. Keep their body healthy with a powerful antioxidant boost every day. 

Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf Hemp Oil at Kriser'sPet Releaf is concentrated CBD oil from hemp for dogs. It assists with relieving pain, improving memory and cognitive functions, digestion, boosts immunity, assists with relaxation and has anti-inflammatory properties, among others. CBD oil is a derivative of the hemp plant and has some of the medical benefits of medical marijuana while being completely void of the psychoactive THC, so it doesn’t get you or your pet high. Learn more about Pet Releaf CBD oil to find out if its right for your pet. (Note this is currently not available in Texas stores.)

Some other NoseWorthy Wellness products include InClover Spry, Lick’s Pill-Free Immunity, Pet Kelp Wellness (multi-vitamin) and NUPRO All Natural Dog Supplement. But these are just a few, we have many more supplements to help your dog or cat start the year off on the right paw!

If your pet could use a boost this year, don’t wait another day. Come in to Kriser's to learn more & cheers to the healthiest and happiest year yet!