Introducing CBD Oil for Pets at Kriser’s Natural Pet

For a while now, we have kept an eye on the growing CBD (cannabidiol) category. CBD oil is a derivative of the hemp plant and has some of the medical benefits of medical marijuana – including pain and anxiety relief – while being completely void of the psychoactive THC, so it won’t get you or your pet high.

This month, we debut Pet Releaf products in some of our stores. (We’d bring it into more locations but are waiting for the makers of Pet Releaf to finish the sales licensing process in three of our states.) Following is quick primer about CBD, its potential effective uses and how to administer it to your pets so you can understand if this is a good option for your furry friend.

Pet Releaf CBD products for pets

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an oil extracted from organic whole hemp plants including seeds and stalks (not from the marijuana plant). The CBD oil is extracted using a specific form of carbon dioxide (CO2) called super critical CO2 fluid, which is much safer and more pure than using butane or ethanol in the extraction process. This CBD oil is used in a liquid form product (at different concentrations) and in a treat format, both of which Pet Releaf tests via a third party to ensure the correct active quantities of CBD. This product doesn’t contain THC, so your pet will get the benefits of CBD without the high of marijuana.

What is CBD Oil used for?

Studies have shown effectiveness for the following conditions but have not yet been evaluated by the FDA:

  • Pain relief (such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, chronic pain & chemotherapy)
  • Anxiety
  • Aid in treatment of certain cancers (especially when paired with chemotherapy)
  • Seizures, including those from epilepsy
  • Immune deficiencies
  • Inflammatory disorders

How does CBD Oil work?

Time to get nerdy. CBD activates the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), which, in mammals, is involved in the processes that help with pain modulation, memory and cognitive functions, relaxation, digestion, immune responses and anti-inflammatory responses, among others. Plus, CBD has been proven to enable two way communication between the various bodily systems, which may be why it’s so effective.

Aside from all of this, the oil is a super food containing 20 amino acids, Omegas 3, 6 & 9, anti-oxidants & B vitamins.

Why this brand?
After much evaluation, we decided Pet Releaf was a great addition to the Kriser’s Approved family. Its plants are grown in Northern Europe, are organic and non-GMO. They use the entire plant and test for the appropriate levels of CBD in the finished products. We feel great that they’ve done their research and are providing a great option for care for our furry families.

What Pet Releaf products does Kriser’s carry?

CBD Hemp Oil 100mg: This is recommended for small dogs and cats who need a lower dose to get the benefits.

CBD Hemp Oil 300mg: For larger dogs or older pets who need a heavier concentration.

With the oils, dosing will vary by the size of your pet, but it is recommended to use it outside of meal times so the compounds are fully absorbed, not caught up in food on its way through the digestive tract. Many pets will lick it up from a plate directly, or you can use the dropper directly into his/her mouth. If your pet won’t take it out of a dropper, try using it with a small treat.

CBD Edibites: We carry the Blueberry & Cranberry and Carob & Coconut varieties. Both are CBD treats specially formulated for dogs and contain between 1 and 1.5 milligrams of CBD per treat, in the form of hemp oil added to the recipe. Similar to the oil, the amount of treats recommended and timing varies by the weight of your dog. Each package includes the proper dosage recomendations. 

We could not be more excited to add these products to our offering.  Especially with the oils, the amount you need to dose out is small, and the results are great.

Customer feedback continues to be great, and we’ll be excited to hear your stories of success.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me at with questions about this or any of our products.