ZIWI Ethically Farmed Dog & Cat Food from New Zealand

It's no secret that Kriser's loves ZIWI!  We're loving that ZIWI has a huge amount of meat and/or fish, organs, bone and New Zealand Green Mussel to their already incredibly nutrient dense formulas - so your pet will be getting even more nutritional value!  

Ziwi with dogs on the beach - found at Kriser's now

Kriser's Top 5 Reasons We Love ZIWI & Why You Should Too! 

  • Ziwi with Ingredients - Kriser's Natural PetAll their products are humanely and ethically sourced, using sustainable, free-range, and grass-fed farming methods only
  • ZIWI is sourced, processed, and packaged in New Zealand.
  • This is nutrient dense, air-dried whole prey-raw meat and highly palatable to even the pickiest of pets
  • ZIWI allows you to benefit from raw feeding without the need to thaw any food! Just scoup, pour, and serve! 
  • ZIWI is a nutritionally complete training treat alternative to other empty-calorie training treats

Come in anytime this month to take advantage of some great savings on our full line of Ziwi products including air-dried and wet food for both dogs and cats and tasty dog chews!