Diving Into Dental Month at Kriser's

Did you know that most pets over the age of two suffer from dental disease?

But good news: it's often preventable! This month is the perfect time to learn how to take care of your dog or cat's dental health. It isn't just about fresh breath; dental health an essential part of your pet’s overall wellness. Kriser's Natural Pet offers a series of dental supplements to help prevent issues and keep your pet's mouth healthy.

Here are just some highly recommended options for both kitties and pups! But check with your Kriser's Pack Member for even more options in store.

Krisers Pet Dental Health Options


This "paste" is actually a stick shaped rigid dental chew with ridges and a soft toothpaste core for a two-layer process to help fight plaque and tartar. The rigid outer layer uses alfalfa, cinnamon, vanilla and clove to help fight bad breath from the surface. This design helps scrape bacteria from teeth and stimulates the gums while your pet chews. The softer toothpaste center helps fight plaque, tartar and bacteria with multiple bacteria fighting ingredients. It's recommended for dogs and cats, if they seem interested!, and is great for pet parents who want toothpaste without the hassle of trying to brush your fur baby's mouth clean.


Whimzees are fun, potato-based dental chews for dogs, made with just six natural, plant-based, functional ingredients and no GMOs, gluten, meat, or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Talk to your Kriser's Pack Member about which size is perfect for your pup. Even better, they're 20% Off in February!


In the market for a pet toothpaste? Don't mind brushing those pearly whites? This vanilla-flavored paste in a tube is applied to the teeth and gum line using a pet toothbrush or a finger toothbrush. Once on the teeth, the natural ingredients work to fight plaque and tartar build-up, as well as disinfect your pet's mouth. The brushing action, as in humans, helps remove loose plaque and tartar from teeth. One note: this works best when you avoid giving your pet food or water for 30 minutes after administration. This one is intended for dogs only.


This gel, in an easy to use squeeze dispenser, should be applied to the teeth and gum line by finger, or toothbrush if desired (though brushing is not required!). Once its applied to the teeth the natural ingredients begin to breakdown plaque and tartar build-up. Those same ingredients inhibit the growth of more plaque-causing bacteria, as well as fight bad breath. Like the toothpaste, it works best when food and water are withheld for just 30 minutes after applying it. It's great for both dogs and cats.


This product works a lot like the Tropiclean, but in an easy to use spray pump dispenser. Once it's applied to the teeth, the natural ingredients begin to breakdown plaque and tartar build-up. Those same ingredients help prevent the growth of more plaque-causing bacteria and help fight bad breath. Same routine, though...hold off on the water and food for 30 minutes after application. Great for both dogs and cats.


This is one of Kriser's favorite natural supplements. This product is a fine white powder that is actually a derivative of seaweed. A small amount of this powder is added to food - be it wet, dry, raw or anything else. Once it's consumed, the chemical compound works internally with your pet's bodily chemistry to break down bacteria, plaque and tartar through the saliva. It's great for dogs AND cats, and is perfect for those pups that refuse to let you touch their mouths!