Company Spotlight on The Honest Kitchen

We love The Honest Kitchen so much that every Saturday in June we’re giving you the chance to come in with your pet and try a sample! 

THK Products at Kriser'sThe Honest Kitchen starts with nutritious whole food ingredients and subscribes to the “less is more” philosophy when it comes to additives and processing. The colorful ingredients in these recipes are gently dehydrated to preserve their nutrients, antioxidants, and goodness your pet might do some tricks for.

THK Products at Kriser's


  1. THKSuper healthy, made with the best simple ingredients 
  2. The Honest Kitchen is 100% human-grade from start to finish (and is the only pet food company on the market who can say this!)
  3. Food is dehydrated - meaning it retains optimal nutritional value
  4. Never any GMOs or preservatives
  5. They can be used as a full meal, a mix-in, or as a topper to any diet
  6. They're a perfect option when traveling with pets
  7. Goat's Milk is an amazing nutritional and digestive boost 

All of The Honest Kitchen's products are specially formulated to help with sensitive stomach issues, improve digestion, reduce allergies, and help your pet feel it's very best.