Brad's Training Tips

It's National Train Your Pet Month, and Brad Kriser has picked out his top ten items for helping your pet - new or old - learn some new tricks.

Brad Kriser's Training Tips during National Train Your Pet Month High-Value Treats

First get some high-value treats that will really make them want to learn. No, high-value doesn't mean expensive! Just super delicious to your pup, and preferably small enough that giving multiple treats during lessons won't pack on the pounds or distract them from the task at hand.

Three of my favorites are Plato Small Bites, in Chicken or Duck, peanut buttery Etta Says Treats To Go, and Hare of the Dog rabbit jerky. You can fill a belt-friendly treat pouch, like one from P.L.A.Y., to make them easy to grab in any training moment.

Training Tools

Get prepared for training with a variety of accessories that help pets learn.

GridLock puppy pads protect your floors, while Poochie Bells help your pet let YOU know when it's time to go out. The Clik-R can help teach a pet when they have completed a task correctly and that a treat is coming. A wire crate is a great home for your pet and can help teach your pet boundaries and manners while creating a safe space.

Use the right Collar

Choose a collar designed for safety or a harness designed to prevent pulling -- and the straining that accompany it!

A martingale collar has a small limited slip loop that tightens enough to keeps pets from backing out without the dangers of closing too tight and choking them. An Easy Walk harness from PetSafe has a front-leash attachment that helps redirect your dog back to you, reducing or eliminating leash pulling while on walks. This is my go-to recommendation for pullers.

Got more questions? The entire Kriser's Pack is ready and able to help!

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