Beat the Heat! Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

It’s finally summer and that means temperatures are on the rise. At Kriser’s we believe that water can be a dog’s best friend! Heat stroke and general overheating is a bit more common in pets than you would think, so we compiled some easy tips to keep your furry friends nice and cool all season long.

Dog SwimmingKeep your pets hydrated every single day.

This is the most obvious, and definitely, the most important tip we have for you. Have at least one filled water bowl inside the house, and outside if your pets have access to the yard. If you are planning a hike, bring a collapsible travel bowl and water with you. If your home gets really hot, don't be afraid to go above and beyond and put extra water bowls around the house and in different rooms.  

We love the TORUS water bowl!

This is a super unique water bowl because it filters your pet’s water without the need to be plugged in. It also has a large fillable reservoir (that can hold up to 2 liters or ½ a gallon of water) that automatically dispenses water into a drinking well when the level is too low. It goes a long way as an outdoor bowl, especially if evaporation is a risk!

Drop in some ice cubes.

Ice cubes can really help keep them cool a bit longer. If you’re feeling creative, you can make a giant, oversized ice cube (just use some old Tupperware to freeze the water) and put that frozen block in their outside water dish. 

Try frozen, single-serve snacks.

The Bear and the Rat Product Shot at Kriser'sSwing by to pick up one of our favorite frozen yogurt treats from The Bear & The Rat. We carry some delicious flavors like Bacon & Peanut Butter or Pumpkin.  They come in a four pack of single-serve cups so one pack can last a while! 

DIY your own nutritious, frozen treats.

If you’re feeling creative, you can always create your own frozen treats using your pups favorite healthy ingredients. Check out our own Doggie Pupsicles Recipe,  Delicious Nutritious Frozen Yogurt Pupsicles from, or Pumpkin Peanut Butter Frozen Treats from The Honest Kitchen for some fun recipe ideas.

Make sure your dog has shade. 

Wow this one really is obvious, but sometimes the really simple things can be overlooked. Remember that if you think it's too hot out, your pup does too!

Outfit with some sweet cooling gear.

We recommend the Hugs Chilly Mat which is a simple pressure activated cooling gel pad designed to keep your pet comfortable on hot days. Lightweight and portable, it's great on the ground or in your pet's favorite bed or crate.  It can also feel great for pets with joint pain!  We also recommend the Cool Pet Pad by Green Pet, another pressure-activated cooling pad that can last for up to 4 hours.  It recharges on its own and never needs to be refrigerated or plugged in.

Kriser's pool party the woodlands

Grab some new toys that float...

...and head to your nearest lake, river, beach or pool! We have a ton of floating summer toys from Ruffwear, West Paw Design, and more!

Invest in a kiddie pool.

No large body of water nearby? That's okay, your pup can still cool down in his very own (inexpensive) kiddie pool! This is a great thing to have in the backyard all summer long. Just fill it up with some cold water, and you’re all set!

Protect their paws: exercise in the early morning or late evenings.

The middle of the day is way too harsh for them and for their paws.  Speaking of paws, Musher’s Secret is great way to protect your pup’s sensitive pads.  Its consistency is similar to beeswax, and you simply put a light layer over their paws, nose, or exposed elbows to form a breathable bond and to provide protection from hot sand or hot pavement. It's perfect for dogs who don't like boots on their feet.

That’s all we’ve got for you this time! Let us know which tips you found to be most helpful!  If we left any out, head over to Facebook and drop us a comment!